How To Change My Units Of Measurement In Blender?

3D modelling applications can be used to create accurate representations of real-world objects. But for them to be truly accurate, the models need to be using the correct values for their dimensions. Dimensions, which we will refer to here as the units of measurement, play an important role in architecture, physics simulations, and in 3D … Read more

How To Parent One Object To Another?

When working in object mode, we have far more variety than simply manipulating the transforms of our selected objects. For example, we can duplicate the objects or reposition them using tools like snapping and proportional editing. One of the more hidden tools is the ability to parent objects to each other in what is known … Read more

Using The Different Transform Orientations In Blender?

Most of the time, when using Blender, we typically use the axes of the 3D World. However, we can use other axis known as transform orientations to change how tools are affected by our transform orientation. Bellow is a list of the different transform orientations we can use in Blender… Most of the time, you … Read more

How To Rotate Models In The Viewport?

All objects in Blender are positioned somewhere within 3D space, and therefore each object has a relationship with the 3D space surrounding it. This relationship is often defined using the global transforms, ie, the model’s location, rotation, and scale. We can access these transforms in various ways, such as object rotation. The easiest way to … Read more

What Is The Difference Between The Scale And Dimension Of A Model?

In the early stages of learning how to manipulate objects in Blender, you will be introduced to object transforms. The values of these transforms can be located in the side panel of the 3D viewport, along with the model’s dimensions. A common question here is the difference between the scale value and the model’s dimensions. … Read more

Locking Your Transforms To Prevent Unintentional Editing?

One of the core toolsets we need to learn early on in Blender is the ability to manipulate the transforms of our object. These are the location, rotation, and scale of our model. However, it’s also going to be important to know how to prevent editing of these tools because there are just so many … Read more