How To Lock Your Camera To Your View To Reposition?

Regardless of what scene you are creating or whether it’s a still image or an animation, one of the most important objects will be your camera, specifically where your camera is in the viewport. Moving and positioning your camera can be difficult, as you combine the change in location with rotation so that the camera … Read more

Locking Your Transforms To Prevent Unintentional Editing?

One of the core toolsets we need to learn early on in Blender is the ability to manipulate the transforms of our object. These are the location, rotation, and scale of our model. However, it’s also going to be important to know how to prevent editing of these tools because there are just so many … Read more

Why Can’t I Move My Objects In Blender?

As you would no doubt expect, being able to work in 3D space on your computer is a very different skillset from working in 2D space, which is familiar with most applications. Sometimes even the simplest of actions can prove to be frustratingly difficult. If you cannot select and move your objects in Blender, you … Read more