The Different Ways That We Can Separate Objects?

There are a variety of ways in which we can manipulate the geometry used to construct our mesh objects. There are also several tools that can be used to manipulate the objects themselves. One tool that falls into both of these categories is the Separate tool. To use the separate tool, go to edit mode … Read more

How To Join Multiple Objects Together?

Before learning how to redesign mesh objects, it is often recommended to learn the tools that affect the objects, namely the tools used in Object mode. One such tool is combining two or more objects into a single model. This is the process known as joining. To join two objects, select each object and ensure … Read more

How To Parent One Object To Another?

When working in object mode, we have far more variety than simply manipulating the transforms of our selected objects. For example, we can duplicate the objects or reposition them using tools like snapping and proportional editing. One of the more hidden tools is the ability to parent objects to each other in what is known … Read more

The Different Ways To Delete And Dissolve Geometry

3D modeling does not always require you to add new geometry to your model continuously, and more geometry is not the same as more detail. Just as important as adding geometry with tools like extrude and inset is the ability to delete and dissolve unwanted geometry from your mesh. To delete geometry from your model, … Read more

How Does Proportional Editing Work With Objects In Blender?

Traditional editing requires us to select a form of geometry, like a vertex, and then use the grab tool to reposition that geometry to reshape the model. However, grabbing a single vertex can create unappealing shapes as the surrounding faces are stretched. Proportional editing creates a field around the selection that allows the user to … Read more

Snapping Your Object And Your Cursor With The Snapping Wheel

In Blender, there are various ways in which we can maneuver our objects and various elements within our 3D viewport. If you want to position your 3D objects and even your 3D cursor quickly, then you should look to use these snapping wheel which is different from the snapping menu. The snapping wheel can only … Read more