Blender Tutorial – How To Create Puddles On Your Textures Using Procedural Nodes?

Different environments require different textures, and even the same environment can have different conditions where the textures are required to change. For example, if you are creating a scene an outdoor scene of a wet day, then puddles are likely to form on the ground surface. There are several methods to creating puddles in Blender, … Read more

How To Paint Puddles Using Texture Painting?

Texture maps can be used not only to provide the basic patterns that make a material appear as a specific form of an object, like a brick path. It can also be used to control other attributes of the material such as where roughness is applied. This can allow us to create effects like faked … Read more

How To Set Up An Image As A Texture Map?

One of the most common use cases of images in blender is to apply them to your materials as texture maps. There are a couple of steps to successfully applying your images as textures to specific materials, which we will detail below. To set up an image texture, you must first create a UV map … Read more

How To Import Images In To Blender?

Blender allows you to use image files in various use cases ranging from creating environments with HDRIs, to image texture maps to photos that just require a little editing. Therefore there are many ways to import images into Blender, depending on the image used for. To import an image into the image editor, open up … Read more

What Does The Term Specular Mean In Blender 3D And Changing The Specular Tint?

When working with materials in Blender for the first time, we may initially come across unfamiliar terms, especially if we have not created materials for 3D objects before. One of the first terms you may come across when adding a simple material are specular and specular tint. Specular or specularity is a term used to … Read more

Why Does My Object Appear Purple in Viewport?

A core part of the 3D modeling process is the ability to create materials and textures to give your 3D models that actual character and appearance that she was searching for. Occasionally you may find that your material appears to be a purple, magenta-like color when viewing it in the 3D viewport. The main reason … Read more