How To Import Images In To Blender?

Blender allows you to use image files in various use cases ranging from creating environments with HDRIs, to image texture maps to photos that just require a little editing. Therefore there are many ways to import images into Blender, depending on the image used for. To import an image into the image editor, open up … Read more

Is The Video Editor In Blender Easy To Use?

Blender 3D can be used for a variety of different projects, and these projects can range from 3D sculpting to 2D animation. One of the more hidden toolsets in Blender is the video sequence editor, which allows you to edit video content within Blender. The Video Sequence Editor has a simple menu system that makes … Read more

Getting The Cursor Back To The World Origin And Other Cursor Tips

If you are not used to working in 3D space, then there are a lot of things that you will need to work on to become habits. One thing that you may find surprisingly complex is the use of the 3D cursor, which is very different from manipulating the traditional 2D mouse cursor used in … Read more