How Do I Use The Denoiser In Eevee?

When working with the Cycles X render engine, we sometimes need to use the image denoiser to clean up our image, especially when we are using a lower number of samples. But where is the option for denoising located when working with the Eevee render engine? Because Eevee uses rasterization techniques to render its images, … Read more

How Long Does It Take To Render An Image?

When you are introduced to the concept of 3D modeling, you will also be introduced to the concept of rendering, which involves taking a three-dimensional scene and creating an image of a specific part of that scene. You may have also learned that rendering takes time, but how much time does it take to render … Read more

How To Maximize The Quality Of My Renders In Blender 3D?

Most projects in Blender will often finish with a rendered image or animation if the models created are not going to be used elsewhere, such as in a video game or for 3D printing. Sometimes these renders can appear low in quality, grainy, or pixelated. So how can we maximize the quality of our final … Read more

Should I Use Eevee Or Cycles For My Rendering?

This is a question that has been asked since the inception of the Eevee render engine back when Blender version 2.80 was released. Which engine should you use to render your scenes and animations? Should you go with the speed provided by Eevee, or is the quality attainable with Cycles as your choice of render? … Read more