Is There Anything Better Than Blender?

If you are interested in learning about 3D modeling, animation, or any other digital application, then you would likely have heard of Blender 3D, which allows you to perform many of these creative workflows all within a single software. So when we consider just how versatile Blender can be, are there better options than the … Read more

What Software Does Dreamworks Use?

In the animation industry, a few companies stand head and shoulders above the rest. One of them is Pixar, and the other one is DreamWorks. Both have created reputations for Consistently releasing high-quality 3D animation feature-length films. In DreamWorks’ case, what software do they use to create and render the animations? For the purposes of … Read more

What Software Does Pixar Use?

Different companies use different applications for creating 3D animations. Some companies can use Third party tools such as Blender and Autodesk Maya to create their animations, while others will use their own in House software for these projects. One of the most famous animation studios of all is Pixar. So what software do they use … Read more

Can I Learn Blender To Use It Professionally?

Blender is a 3D modeling application used by thousands of home-based artists around the world who learn the software to create their own 3D projects, image renders, and even full animations from the comfort of their own homes. But can we learn Blender to use it for more professional workflows? When using Blender, we are … Read more

Why Is Blender Not Used As Much In The Industry?

In 2022 more industries will adopt creative applications that allow them to streamline their workflows, which can range hugely in terms of their design and usability. While Blender is a highly versatile software for 3D modeling and beyond, it is not used as much in specific industries as one might expect. Blender is not used … Read more