What is Blender Used For? A List Of Reasons To Use Blender….

Blender is a free open-source program provided by the Blender foundation. It is one of the fastest developing 3D toolkits currently available and also one of the fastest growing online communities in the technology space. But if you were to download Blender what exactly could you use it for? Blender is primarily used as a … Read more

Why Artists and Designers Are Choosing Blender 3D Over Other Tools?

A render of an interior scene using a drawer, a vase and a mirror

In the realm of 3D modeling, animation, and digital design, several software tools have staked their claim, aiming to be the premier choice for professionals. Programs like Maya, 3DS Max, and Cinema 4D have long been industry standards, boasting powerful features and extensive capabilities. However, over the last decade or so, a new contender has … Read more

Is The Video Editor In Blender Easy To Use?

Blender 3D can be used for a variety of different projects, and these projects can range from 3D sculpting to 2D animation. One of the more hidden toolsets in Blender is the video sequence editor, which allows you to edit video content within Blender. The Video Sequence Editor has a simple menu system that makes … Read more

Is Animation Hard To Learn In Blender?

One of the main reasons why you may be interested in using an application such as Blender is for 3D and 2D animation. Blender has different suites designed for different tasks and allows you to perform animations in various art styles. Blender is not the easiest tool to learn or use when creating 3D animations. … Read more