Creating A Bouncing Ball Animation In Blender?

If you are learning about 3D animation, then one of the first animations that you are likely to create is a bouncing ball. There are several youtube tutorials out there that demonstrate how to get you ball to bounce, but the process is often glossed over, as the tools used here provide the foundation for … Read more

Create Keyframes With Ease Using The Auto Key Tool

The core feature to creating any animation, both in Blender and in any other 3D modeling application, is to assign keyframes to note the change in specific values and display these changes in the form of an animation in your viewport. Depending on where those elements are stored within the Blender UI, there are many … Read more

Using The Timeline To Create Basic Animations (Beginners Guide)

One of the first things we need to learn when creating any animation in Blender is how to use the timeline, which is ground zero for where we can find and preview our created animations from the 3D viewport. The timeline allows us to view and position any keyframes we create for our 2D and … Read more

Using The Dope Sheet To Create Your Animations (Beginners Guide)

If you are new to animation in Blender, then you may be at the stage where you are using the timeline to create and position the keyframes that create your animations. However, a better tool for manipulating keyframes is the dope sheet. The Dope Sheet is the primary panel in Blender where we can edit … Read more

Is Animation Hard To Learn In Blender?

One of the main reasons why you may be interested in using an application such as Blender is for 3D and 2D animation. Blender has different suites designed for different tasks and allows you to perform animations in various art styles. Blender is not the easiest tool to learn or use when creating 3D animations. … Read more