Creating A Bouncing Ball Animation In Blender?

If you are learning about 3D animation, then one of the first animations that you are likely to create is a bouncing ball. There are several youtube tutorials out there that demonstrate how to get you ball to bounce, but the process is often glossed over, as the tools used here provide the foundation for … Read more

How To Use The Pivot Point System In Blender?

Most tools, such as the object’s transforms, are often influenced by the object origin, which acts as the central coordinate of the object. But what if we wanted to manipulate multiple objects at the same time? Which origin point would be used to calculate the tool, and how can we change it? The pivot point … Read more

A Complete Guide To All The Things That Your 3D Cursor Can Do?

When you use Blender for the first time, one of the first tools you will notice is the 3D cursor, which is different from the traditional mouse cursor in that it is used in the 3D viewport specifically.  The 3D cursor is used for many different functions in Blender, including adding objects, acting as the … Read more