How To Join Multiple Objects Together?

Before learning how to redesign mesh objects, it is often recommended to learn the tools that affect the objects, namely the tools used in Object mode. One such tool is combining two or more objects into a single model. This is the process known as joining. To join two objects, select each object and ensure … Read more

How To Use The Object Origin In Blender?

All object types in Blender are connected to the 3D world of which they are a part. Regardless of the type of object, they will all have a set number of properties, such as the transforms of the object, which are the location, rotation, and scale. Many of these properties are defined by a single … Read more

How To Use The Pivot Point System In Blender?

Most tools, such as the object’s transforms, are often influenced by the object origin, which acts as the central coordinate of the object. But what if we wanted to manipulate multiple objects at the same time? Which origin point would be used to calculate the tool, and how can we change it? The pivot point … Read more

Using The Scale Cage Tool In Blender

The traditional means of scaling allow us to use the object origin as the center point to scale our objects in both directions on a single axis. There is, however, another way in which we can scale objects in Blender by using the object’s bounding box instead. The scale cage tool is located on the … Read more

How To Clear The Transforms Of Your Object

If you follow YouTube tutorials, then at some point, you will have learned how to apply the transforms of your object, which involves setting the current parameters of your transforms as the new defaults. However, there is a similar option that allows you to clear your transforms, so what’s the difference between the two? To … Read more