The Different Ways That We Can Separate Objects?

There are a variety of ways in which we can manipulate the geometry used to construct our mesh objects. There are also several tools that can be used to manipulate the objects themselves. One tool that falls into both of these categories is the Separate tool. To use the separate tool, go to edit mode … Read more

How To Use The Object Origin In Blender?

All object types in Blender are connected to the 3D world of which they are a part. Regardless of the type of object, they will all have a set number of properties, such as the transforms of the object, which are the location, rotation, and scale. Many of these properties are defined by a single … Read more

How To Control The Positioning Attribute When Working With Objects In Geometry Nodes?

Over time you will begin to use the geometry nodes system in new ways as you explore the multiple layers of complexity to the node system. One of the key learning points for anyone learning geometry nodes is to be able to use attributes, and amongst these attributes we have the vertex position. The position … Read more

How To Control The Selection Of Object Geometry Using Geometry Nodes?

The idea of introducing geometry nodes was to create a new procedural workflow that could replace much of the existing methods for traditional 3D modeling. Perhaps the most challenging aspect of all is being able to define what geometry you need to edit rather than affecting the model as a whole. To define what geometry … Read more

The Best Methods For Selecting Objects In The 3D Viewport

There are a wide variety of tools and functions that you can use in blender 3D, and not all of them are associated with 3D modeling. However, many of them are, and one of the most important toolsets to learn is the ability to select objects in your free D viewports and outline a panel. … Read more