Creating A Hologram Using Geometry Nodes

There are infinite possibilities when it comes to the objects that we can create using geometry nodes, and we can even combine our geometry node systems with our material node systems to create the ultimate procedural object creation. A prime example of this is creating a hologram of any shape using geometry nodes. Complete the … Read more

Creating An Array Using Geometry Nodes?

With Blender, we can use modifiers to create an array of our selected objects. We can even mimic this behavior to an extent using geometry nodes to create and control our procedural arrays using instanced geometry. To create an array of objects on any axis, complete the following steps… By following the steps above, we … Read more

How To Design A Hexagonal Grid Using Geometry Nodes?

With geometry nodes, we not only can create single objects procedurally but also an entire scene using the geometry nodes workflow. A good exercise is to be able to create simple environmental systems like a hexagonal grid to position objects on. To create a hexagonal grid, complete the following steps… Once you complete the process, … Read more

Using The Transform Node In Geometry Nodes?

Geometry nodes are the latest phase of Blender’s incredible development, and it introduces procedural 3D modeling using a node system. For this note system to be successful, it needs to imitate many of the tools we traditionally used in our viewports. Perhaps the most common of these tools is the transform values of our model, … Read more

Using The Scene Time Node For Procedural Animation (Introduction)

For a long time now, Blender has been a powerful 3D modeling application with a full 3D animation suite of tools. Recently, however, Blender has introduced geometry nodes for procedural modeling, and there has also been the introduction of nodes that can allow for procedural 3D animation, such as the scene time node. Using the … Read more