A Beginners Guide To Using Geometry Nodes In Blender

For decades now the standard workflow for creating 3D models and scenes has been the use of editing tools to make changes to objects in real time using a viewport to see the changes being made. Now a new workflow has arrived that is not only visual in its approach but also procedural. That workflow … Read more

How To Access Geometry Nodes In Blender?

The cool new way to create 3D models and even entire scenes using applications like Blender is to create them procedurally. That means to be able to construct something that can be edited an infinite number of ways. In the case of Blender 3D, this means using geometry nodes. To access geometry nodes in Blender, … Read more

How To Control The Positioning Attribute When Working With Objects In Geometry Nodes?

Over time you will begin to use the geometry nodes system in new ways as you explore the multiple layers of complexity to the node system. One of the key learning points for anyone learning geometry nodes is to be able to use attributes, and amongst these attributes we have the vertex position. The position … Read more

How To Control The Selection Of Object Geometry Using Geometry Nodes?

The idea of introducing geometry nodes was to create a new procedural workflow that could replace much of the existing methods for traditional 3D modeling. Perhaps the most challenging aspect of all is being able to define what geometry you need to edit rather than affecting the model as a whole. To define what geometry … Read more

What Are The Different Types Of Attributes In Geometry Nodes?

In Blender, we come across many different terms such as properties and parameters, and one of the terms that are commonly used in our geometry node systems is the term attribute. Attributes are forms of data that are stored per element, such as a vertex, edge, and face. There are many different attributes that we … Read more