The Different Ways That We Can Separate Objects?

There are a variety of ways in which we can manipulate the geometry used to construct our mesh objects. There are also several tools that can be used to manipulate the objects themselves. One tool that falls into both of these categories is the Separate tool. To use the separate tool, go to edit mode … Read more

How To Parent One Object To Another?

When working in object mode, we have far more variety than simply manipulating the transforms of our selected objects. For example, we can duplicate the objects or reposition them using tools like snapping and proportional editing. One of the more hidden tools is the ability to parent objects to each other in what is known … Read more

What Is An Empty And The Different Ways To Use Them?

3D artists have various object types to use when modeling their 3D scenes. One of the most powerful but also most confusing objects to use is the empty. The empty is a type of object that will not appear in any 3D renders and is primarily used to influence the behavior of other objects like … Read more