How To Parent One Object To Another?

When working in object mode, we have far more variety than simply manipulating the transforms of our selected objects. For example, we can duplicate the objects or reposition them using tools like snapping and proportional editing. One of the more hidden tools is the ability to parent objects to each other in what is known … Read more

How To Use The Local View Tool In Blender?

When working with multiple objects in a scene, these objects can get in the way of each other when you are trying to edit your models. It can be handy to have a tool that allows you to hide all of the other objects in your scene and focus purely on your selection. We can … Read more

How To Hide Objects In The 3D Viewport?

Once you begin to increase the number of objects within your scene, it becomes more challenging to manipulate singular objects as you have to navigate your view to avoid selecting the wrong one. It can be helpful to hide objects in your scene that you don’t wish to select or edit inadvertently. You can hide … Read more