The Different Ways That We Can Separate Objects?

There are a variety of ways in which we can manipulate the geometry used to construct our mesh objects. There are also several tools that can be used to manipulate the objects themselves. One tool that falls into both of these categories is the Separate tool. To use the separate tool, go to edit mode … Read more

How To Join Multiple Objects Together?

Before learning how to redesign mesh objects, it is often recommended to learn the tools that affect the objects, namely the tools used in Object mode. One such tool is combining two or more objects into a single model. This is the process known as joining. To join two objects, select each object and ensure … Read more

Improve Preview Performance By Creating Render Regions To View What You Need?

Not everyone can have the most potent PC at their disposal for creating renders and animations or even doing more standard tasks like playing the most up-to-date video games. Sometimes we need a little bit of help, especially when it comes to viewing path traced scenes in cycles in rendered view. Fortunately, there’s a tool … Read more

How To Scale Models In The Viewport?

When working with any model in Blender, we need to be aware of its relationship to the 3D space around it, and this relationship comes in the form of transforms. These are our model’s location rotation and scale respective to the 3D space. Off these, the scale can be the most confusing of the three … Read more

How To Move Models In The 3D Viewport?

All objects that we create in Blender have three Transforms that are associated with them, which are used as a reference for their positioning within the 3D World. These transforms are the location, rotation and scale of the object. The most fundamental of which is the ability to change the location or moving models within … Read more

How To Hide Objects In The 3D Viewport?

Once you begin to increase the number of objects within your scene, it becomes more challenging to manipulate singular objects as you have to navigate your view to avoid selecting the wrong one. It can be helpful to hide objects in your scene that you don’t wish to select or edit inadvertently. You can hide … Read more