How To Scale Models In The Viewport?

When working with any model in Blender, we need to be aware of its relationship to the 3D space around it, and this relationship comes in the form of transforms. These are our model’s location rotation and scale respective to the 3D space. Off these, the scale can be the most confusing of the three … Read more

How To Rotate Models In The Viewport?

All objects in Blender are positioned somewhere within 3D space, and therefore each object has a relationship with the 3D space surrounding it. This relationship is often defined using the global transforms, ie, the model’s location, rotation, and scale. We can access these transforms in various ways, such as object rotation. The easiest way to … Read more

How To Move Models In The 3D Viewport?

All objects that we create in Blender have three Transforms that are associated with them, which are used as a reference for their positioning within the 3D World. These transforms are the location, rotation and scale of the object. The most fundamental of which is the ability to change the location or moving models within … Read more