What Is The Difference Between The Scale And Dimension Of A Model?

In the early stages of learning how to manipulate objects in Blender, you will be introduced to object transforms. The values of these transforms can be located in the side panel of the 3D viewport, along with the model’s dimensions. A common question here is the difference between the scale value and the model’s dimensions. … Read more

Applying The Transforms Of Your Objects

Many tools in Blender are influenced by the transform parameters of your objects, such as their location, rotation, and scale values. Having your transform settings differ from their defaults can result in changes to the behavior of tools, such as the bevel tool and the solidify modifier. Therefore, it can be essential for you to … Read more

How To Clear The Transforms Of Your Object

If you follow YouTube tutorials, then at some point, you will have learned how to apply the transforms of your object, which involves setting the current parameters of your transforms as the new defaults. However, there is a similar option that allows you to clear your transforms, so what’s the difference between the two? To … Read more