Using The Add Tool To Generate Objects Quickly?

The traditional way of adding primitive objects to our scenes in Blender is to go to the add menu, select the mesh option and then choose a primitive mesh to add in at the location of the 3D cursor. But did you know that there is a tool that can allow you to add primitive … Read more

How To Clear The Transforms Of Your Object

If you follow YouTube tutorials, then at some point, you will have learned how to apply the transforms of your object, which involves setting the current parameters of your transforms as the new defaults. However, there is a similar option that allows you to clear your transforms, so what’s the difference between the two? To … Read more

How To Remove Duplicate Geometry In The 3D Viewport

If you are modeling 3D objects for just about any purpose, then one of the skills that you will need to learn is the ability to clean the topology of your model so that it behaves correctly when used with materials, lighting, animation, modifiers, and more. One tool that always comes in handy here is … Read more