Using The Different Transform Orientations In Blender?

Most of the time, when using Blender, we typically use the axes of the 3D World. However, we can use other axis known as transform orientations to change how tools are affected by our transform orientation. Bellow is a list of the different transform orientations we can use in Blender… Most of the time, you … Read more

How To Lock Your Camera To Your View To Reposition?

Regardless of what scene you are creating or whether it’s a still image or an animation, one of the most important objects will be your camera, specifically where your camera is in the viewport. Moving and positioning your camera can be difficult, as you combine the change in location with rotation so that the camera … Read more

How To Edit Your Reference Images In The Viewport?

Reference material is invaluable to artists of any level of experience and should always be a part of your workflow for designing 3D models. A few settings are associated with these images when imported into your 3D viewport. To edit an image that has been imported into your 3D view, go to the properties panel, … Read more

Can You Use Blender For Technical Drawings

There are a seemingly limitless number of technical and creative applications out there on the market, and it seems as though very conceivable niche or problem has been addressed by at least one new form of software. Some applications, like Blender can address multiple pain points in various projects, but how does it do for … Read more

A Complete Guide To All The Things That Your 3D Cursor Can Do?

When you use Blender for the first time, one of the first tools you will notice is the 3D cursor, which is different from the traditional mouse cursor in that it is used in the 3D viewport specifically.  The 3D cursor is used for many different functions in Blender, including adding objects, acting as the … Read more