How Does Proportional Editing Work With Objects In Blender?

Traditional editing requires us to select a form of geometry, like a vertex, and then use the grab tool to reposition that geometry to reshape the model. However, grabbing a single vertex can create unappealing shapes as the surrounding faces are stretched. Proportional editing creates a field around the selection that allows the user to … Read more

How To Orbit The 3D Viewport Without A Three Button Mouse?

One of the first barriers for anyone learning 3D modeling for the first time is the concept of moving around 3D space on a 2D screen. Outside of video games, there is no other field where you have to navigate in 3D in this way. Therefore a mouse is often required to navigate 3D space … Read more

Can You Use Blender For Technical Drawings

There are a seemingly limitless number of technical and creative applications out there on the market, and it seems as though very conceivable niche or problem has been addressed by at least one new form of software. Some applications, like Blender can address multiple pain points in various projects, but how does it do for … Read more