Snapping Your Object And Your Cursor With The Snapping Wheel

In Blender, there are various ways in which we can maneuver our objects and various elements within our 3D viewport. If you want to position your 3D objects and even your 3D cursor quickly, then you should look to use these snapping wheel which is different from the snapping menu. The snapping wheel can only … Read more

Using The Different Transform Orientations In Blender?

Most of the time, when using Blender, we typically use the axes of the 3D World. However, we can use other axis known as transform orientations to change how tools are affected by our transform orientation. Bellow is a list of the different transform orientations we can use in Blender… Most of the time, you … Read more

A Complete Guide To All The Things That Your 3D Cursor Can Do?

When you use Blender for the first time, one of the first tools you will notice is the 3D cursor, which is different from the traditional mouse cursor in that it is used in the 3D viewport specifically.  The 3D cursor is used for many different functions in Blender, including adding objects, acting as the … Read more

Getting The Cursor Back To The World Origin And Other Cursor Tips

If you are not used to working in 3D space, then there are a lot of things that you will need to work on to become habits. One thing that you may find surprisingly complex is the use of the 3D cursor, which is very different from manipulating the traditional 2D mouse cursor used in … Read more