How To Convert An Image To A Path Object?

Because there are so many object types to use in Blender, there are also ways in which we can convert objects to different types, depending on the properties of the current object. While there is no direct way to convert an image to a curve, there is a solution. To convert an image into a … Read more

How To Design A 3D Model Using An Image?

Most 3D artists will use reference material when designing new objects in 3D modeling applications like Blender. This can be done in different ways, So what is the simplest method to get started with when designing your 3D model using a reference image? To design A model based on an image, open up the add … Read more

How To Import An Image As A Mesh Object?

In Blender, we have access to many object types for our projects. Some of these object types can be rendered with our scenes, while others cannot. Image objects are one such type that cannot be rendered because it is a form of empty. However, there is a way to convert our images into mesh objects … Read more

How To Set Up An Image As A Texture Map?

One of the most common use cases of images in blender is to apply them to your materials as texture maps. There are a couple of steps to successfully applying your images as textures to specific materials, which we will detail below. To set up an image texture, you must first create a UV map … Read more