How To Covert An Image Sequence To A Movie File?

One of the most frustrating aspects of being an animator is the time one spends waiting for the animation to render. While a single image can render pretty quickly, the animation is a collection of dozens, if not hundreds, of images rendered one after the other. What can make the process even more frustrating is … Read more

Setting The Output Of Our Rendered Animations

The vast majority of projects we create in Blender will eventually be rendered or exported for use in different applications. These applications range from game engines like unity to MP4 files for videos and animations. When it comes to our rendered animations, we need to define where that animation will be stored after the rendering … Read more

How To Convert An Image To A Path Object?

Because there are so many object types to use in Blender, there are also ways in which we can convert objects to different types, depending on the properties of the current object. While there is no direct way to convert an image to a curve, there is a solution. To convert an image into a … Read more

How To Convert An Image To Grease Pencil?

Blender offers the ability to create objects of various types, ranging from your typical mesh object to curves, text, etc. Since Blender has so many object types, it also offers the ability to convert some of these objects to other forms. To convert an image to a grease pencil object, select the image and then … Read more

How Do I Animate Text In Blender 3D?

Just about anything that has a changeable value can be animated in Blender 3D, going far beyond just animating 3D objects. You can animate material properties like the base color and roughness values, and you can even animate text objects in the 3D viewport in various ways. You can animate the properties of 3D text … Read more