Why Artists and Designers Are Choosing Blender 3D Over Other Tools?

A render of an interior scene using a drawer, a vase and a mirror

In the realm of 3D modeling, animation, and digital design, several software tools have staked their claim, aiming to be the premier choice for professionals. Programs like Maya, 3DS Max, and Cinema 4D have long been industry standards, boasting powerful features and extensive capabilities. However, over the last decade or so, a new contender has … Read more

Do Artists Use Blender 3D To Create Their Art?

Art is used to describe many different forms of creation, invention, and expression and is an ambiguous term that can refer to anything ranging from architecture to dance. Blender may not be able to make you a better dancer, but it can allow you to create art for various other applications, including architecture. With Blender … Read more

Can You Make Art In Blender?

Over the past few decades, we have seen a shift in the art world from physical paintings to digital art using applications and software. As these applications become more advanced, so to does the ability to create incredible pieces of artwork using these digital applications. One such application that you can use to create your … Read more

Can You Make Art Using Blender 3D?

Now more than ever we have access to incredible tools that allow anyone to create just about anything that they want to make, from musical soundtracks to beautiful landscapes to full 3D environments. Art comes in many forms, but can Blender 3D be used to create art, and in what forms? You can create some … Read more