Can You Make Art In Blender?

Over the past few decades, we have seen a shift in the art world from physical paintings to digital art using applications and software. As these applications become more advanced, so to does the ability to create incredible pieces of artwork using these digital applications. One such application that you can use to create your own works of art is Blender.

Blender can allow you to create your own art using a wide variety of different tools, materials, textures, and digital brushes to create your own art style, allowing you to create individual objects or entire scenes in any way that you want. Blenders versatility will enable you to discover your own unique way of creating artwork and also gives you the freedom to distribute your artwork however you wish.

The tools available to an artist matter just as much as the talent that the artist possesses. No matter how good the tools are, an artist must have the ability to be creative and to inspire with their work for the actual art to have meaning and purpose.

On the other hand, if you don’t have the tools, to begin with, then you’re limited in the forms of art that you can create, especially when it comes to digital applications like Blender.

What Types Of Art Can You Create?

The more versatile tool is, the more you can do with it, and Blender is a tool with incredible versatility. You are not limited to any singular art style but can choose your art style by changing the workflow you use in blender.

There are many different art styles that you can develop in Blender, depending on which tools you plan to use. Your art style can change depending on your modeling workflow. It can also vary depending on how you apply materials and textures.

Because all tools in Blender can be modified in some way, shape, or form, it is possible to develop an art style based on how you use a specific tool, whether that be a type of modeling, form of texturing, camera, or lighting application.

Realistic Scenes

For example, you can go full realism for your creations by using the cycles render engine and creating PBR materials and textures for highly detailed models. If you want to go with the realistic art style, then you have the tools here to do so.

You can create objects and scenes that follow real-world properties. For example, you can create a human character model that follows the complex structure of anatomy.

You can apply materials for that object or human character, such as realistic human skin. There are different ways in which you can define the realism of a scene. Beyond modeling and texturing, you can also manipulate the camera positioning and lighting to change the behavior of your environment.

Going Simple With Eevee

On the other hand, you could go with a more simplified art style using the Evie render engine. With EV, colors and materials are more basic, as is the use of lighting. This allows for a simpler appearance for your objects and scenes.

Eevee is better suited to a more basic but cartoonish style. If your focus is going to be on the colors of the scene, then Eevee can be a strong choice as a render engine as it uses rasterized rendering techniques to produce the final result.

Sculpting And Sculptures

If you are interested in creating digital sculptures, Blender has an entire workflow dedicated to sculpting with brushes, masks, and more in sculpt mode. These brushes will allow you to create incredible levels of detail on your individual models with the help of dynamic topology to help dictate the levels of detail you can add.

Go Freestyle With Pop Art

Another popular art style is pop art, which uses bold lines to bring out the colors and emotions of an image. You can use the freestyle tool that is located in the properties panel when using Eevee to create this effect of having bold lines to imitate a pop art style.

The Form Of The Object

Art also rests in the scenes that you create. For example, architecture is a form of art that you can create in Blender, designing your own buildings to your custom specifications. In other words, you have the ability to create objects that follow specific rules that match your art style.

Procedural Texturing

While the shape of your objects can be used to define your own art style, so can the textures that you apply to those models. In Blender, we can create procedural textures, which allows us to combine texture nodes with math nodes as a means of creating a limitless number of patterns for our material.

By adopting this procedural workflow, you aren’t locked into just using a single texture for your object, and you can manipulate that texture however you wish. This can include changing the colors of the texture, the pattern, the size of the pattern, etc.

The Lighting Of The Scene

Another way that we can adjust our art styles in blender is to change the way we use our light sources. For example, you could develop an art style where half of your scene is always in shadow. Or you can develop an art style that uses colored light sources, such as using green lighting for your scene.

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