Can I Create A Career By Learning Blender?

School teaches us many things that prepare us for adult life, and gives us a baseline for what we are able to achieve in the form of exam grades. Where we go from there is entirely up to us and for some attaining a career in a specific field or industry may require us to learn something different.

Blender and 3D modeling are not taught in schools, and so it becomes an entirely new learning experience for many. But if you were to learn an application such as Blender would it allow you to seek a career based around the software.

If you learn Blender 3D, you will be able to enter multiple industries that may require artists how can use 3D modeling applications such as Blender. These can include working with animation studios and manufacturers looking for new concept designs and even allowing you the ability to work as a freelancer or an entrepreneur.

By taking the time to learn how to use an application or a piece of software you can build up skillsets related to that program. The more popular that program is the more likely your skills are to get you on the career ladder in a respective field.

Can I Get A Job If I Learn The Blender Software?

Blender 3D is a highly flexible 3D application that also has other features packed in, such as an image compositor and a video sequence editor.

Because of this versatility, Blender is often used in many different industries for many different tasks and projects.

In addition to the flexibility of the software itself, Blender is also highly accessible. It is available to be downloaded and then begin using within a matter of minutes.

There are no fees associated with blender other than donations to Blender Foundation which are completely optional. There is also no need to register personal details at any points.

You can simply download the software and begin using it. As a result of this combination of flexibility and access ability, blender is being more commonly employed across multiple industries, ranging from game design to animation and beyond.

Now more than ever, it is indeed possible to get a job if you have skills in 3D modelling, even if you are using an application like Blender.

But which companies are more likely to employ you for having an understanding of the blender software, and in what industries?

Which Industries Widely Adopt Blender?

Because of the growing needs of using digital applications for tasks such as concept design or physics simulation, applications like blender are being adopted in industries where it was never originally intended to be used.

Blender is a creative 3D modeling application that primary purpose is to create 3D assets for video games and animations.

It’s natural, then, that blender would be most prominently used in the industries of game design and 3D animation.

But it is not just limited to these two industries and goes far beyond this. Blender is ideal for any industry that focuses on digital products. This is especially true if those products are 3D models.

Blender also has tools relating to VFX and CGI. For example, there is a motion capture toolkit that would allow you to integrate 3D objects into real world film. As such, blender has a place in the industries of film and video effects.

Likewise, you may also find the occasional advert that might use a form of CGI or other integrations of 3D models into that advert derived from the blender software.

To a lesser extent, you will also find Blender being used in industries that focus on physical product creation. These products can range from figurines created via 3D printing to full on buildings and structures.

Blender can be used in the pipeline of these kinds of industries, which range from 3D printing to manufacturing to architecture.

However, where as the 3D application might be a popular choice in animation because it can be used for most of the process. It is only used sparingly in industries where the focus is on real-world applications.

The reason why is that there is a preference towards a different type of 3D modeling software known as Computer-Aided Design, which focuses on precise modeling workflows rather than the more creative workflows that we find in Blender.

Knowledge of blender would still be useful here as it’s a handy application for basic concept designs early on in these processes.

At What Level In The Industry Is Blender Used?

Even if Blender is used in an industry, it might not be used in every single company. There are going to be some companies that don’t use Blender and don’t require you to have knowledge in Blender, but other 3D applications such as Maya.

For many years Autodesk applications have been the industry standard in game design and to an extent animation where In-house software was not used.

There are other companies as well who employ CAD based applications that are more suitable in industries such as architecture.

For example, if you were looking to get into the field of mechanical engineering, then you would want to be able to use applications that could take you through as much of the process as possible as seamlessly as possible.

Therefore you would look to adopt applications such as AutoCAD and Fusion 360 rather than creative applications like Blender.

But while Blender may not be the best choice in every situation, it is still a good alternative for those who cannot afford the licensing fees of the more specialized software applications.

Because of its access ability, Blender is a common tool for freelancers who hire themselves out for clients to perform specific tasks that can be completed using the blender software.

It is also becoming an increasingly used tool in start-ups and medium sized companies who again may not have the financial resources to licence products like Maya for an entire office.

Admit it, admittedly the higher up you go in any specific industry. The less likely you are to find Blender, and this is in part due to the fact that it is not the best choice in any single project or task. And then there is also the fact that other applications will have been embedded in the workflow pipelines of these larger companies for many years now.

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