What Does The Term Specular Mean In Blender 3D And Changing The Specular Tint?

When working with materials in Blender for the first time, we may initially come across unfamiliar terms, especially if we have not created materials for 3D objects before. One of the first terms you may come across when adding a simple material are specular and specular tint. Specular or specularity is a term used to … Read more

How To Repeat A Texture Pattern On The Objects Surface Without Seams?

There are three stages to material application for any 3D object. The third stage involves the application of a texture to the material to give the object its appearance. One thing that appears in 3D textures though that is not consistent with most real-world counterparts is the appearance of seamed edges. To repeat a texture … Read more

How To Change The Color Scheme Of The Blender Interface?

Blender is customizable in a variety of ways and is built from the ground up for being a jack of all trades kind of software. You can also manipulate the interface for whatever tasks that you need to complete by changing things like workspaces layouts, panel sizes, and editors. In fact, you can even change … Read more