What Does The Term Specular Mean In Blender 3D And Changing The Specular Tint?

When working with materials in Blender for the first time, we may initially come across unfamiliar terms, especially if we have not created materials for 3D objects before. One of the first terms you may come across when adding a simple material are specular and specular tint. Specular or specularity is a term used to … Read more

What Is Blender 3D Used For By Artists?

Regarded as one of the most popular applications used in the world today, Blender is a 3D modeling application that has captured the hearts and minds of a global community of digital artists with its incredible tools and features, and all without costing a penny to use. Blender can be used for many different tasks … Read more

Making Your Node Trees Easier To View With Frames

There are numerous methods for improving the organizational structure of your node trees when you begin created highly complex materials. One great method is to take an entire section of nodes and store them in a type of border referred to as a frame. To add a frame to your material setup, press the hokey … Read more