What Projects Can I Try For 3D Printing At Home?

A 3D printer in a well lit room photo shot at an angle facing up

The use of 3D printing technology has opened up a world of possibilities for creating and manufacturing objects from the comfort of your own home. As 3D printers become more affordable and user-friendly, the potential projects that can be 3D printed from home are becoming endless. Depending on the printer that you have available and … Read more

What Is Blender 3D Used For By Artists?

Regarded as one of the most popular applications used in the world today, Blender is a 3D modeling application that has captured the hearts and minds of a global community of digital artists with its incredible tools and features, and all without costing a penny to use. Blender can be used for many different tasks … Read more

Why Is Blender Lagging In The 3D Viewport?

3D modeling can become one of the most intensive applications for any computer, and as a result of this, you can find the performance in Blender 3D viewport. From time to time can be impaired. So in what scenarios can blend up begin to lag when working in the 3D viewport? Blender can lag in … Read more