Streamline Your Node Setups With The Help Of Reroute Nodes

If you have reached the point where you are able to create more advanced materials, then you will have also reached the point where your node trees are becoming more difficult to read even for the artist that creates them. There are different ways to improve the visual appearance of your node tree though. Reroutes … Read more

Making Your Node Trees Easier To View With Frames

There are numerous methods for improving the organizational structure of your node trees when you begin created highly complex materials. One great method is to take an entire section of nodes and store them in a type of border referred to as a frame. To add a frame to your material setup, press the hokey … Read more

8 Ways You Can Use The Node Wrangler To Make Materials Easier

It is perhaps one of the most daunting tasks for a 3D artist, creating materials using a node system. Certainly more technical of a workflow than it is artistic, but fortunately there is an addon that makes working with nodes so much easier, and that is the node wrangler. Below is a shortlist of 8 … Read more

How To Organise My Node Setups For My Materials?

Creating basic materials is really easy in Blender, but creating more complex materials takes a lot of time and work. It can take a lot more when your node setups are poorly organized, as you need to have a solid understanding of the role that each node has for your material. The following tools allow … Read more

How To Use The Node Editor To Create Materials And How It Works?

If you want to set up very basic materials in Blender, then you only need to use the materials tab in the properties panel in order to create those simple materials. But if you want more control over your materials and how they are applied to your model, then you will need to learn how … Read more