Accessing The Undo History Tool To Revert Back To An Earlier Stage Of Your Process

The typical 3D modeling workflow is normally destructive. It is a linear pathway of using various tools and functions that continuously alter our project. With each tool that we use, we are progressing further along our workflows pipeline. At times we’re going to make mistakes and we’re going to need to undo a certain part … Read more

Blender Tutorial – How To Change Your Color Theme?

Most artists will typically use the default settings for the Blender UI when it comes to the color theme of all the individual elements and panels, as do the vast majority of Youtube tutorials and courses. However, that does not mean you cannot change your color theme to make Blender look the way that you … Read more

Tutorial – How To Change The Resolution Of The UI Elements In Blender?

Blender 3D is designed to work on larger screens, such as PC monitors, that allow you to view the entire UI without any issues when viewing the interface’s various elements, buttons, text, etc. The user interface is not suited to a smaller screen like a phone. However, even on a monitor, the UI elements may … Read more

What Are The Shortcuts For 3D Animation?

Blender can be used for almost any 3D-related task, from concept design to 3D printing. One of its most popular use cases though is for creating 3D animation, as in addition to its modeling toolset, it also has a suite of tools used for animation as well. And these tools have their own keyboard shortcuts … Read more