What Is The Difference Between A Background Image And A Reference Image?

With Blender we are able to import our images for various purposes, ranging from referencing new designs to acting as image textures. When it comes to the 3D viewport, there are two ways in which we can import our images, either as a reference image or as a background image. So what is the difference … Read more

Can You Use Blender For Mechanical Engineering?

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Is Blender Better Than Autodesk?

The Blender foundation is dedicated to the continued development of a single software application, and that application is Blender. But does this approach represent a better development model when compared to a family of integrated products like the ones from Autodesk? Blender is always going to be the better choice for the average home based … Read more

What Is The Difference Between Blender And Solidworks?

When researching the many different 3D modeling applications, you’re going to want to decide which of those applications is best suited to your projects. Blender is one of the easiest applications to find, but another one that seems to be growing in popularity is an application called SolidWorks. So what is the main difference between … Read more