How To Smooth An Object When Using The Subdivide Tool?

Most tools in Blender will have a tool variation and then a modifier that acts as the tool but can be used procedurally. This is true for the subdivide tool which has a procedural version in the form of the subdivision surface modifier. A key difference between the tool in the modifier is the seeming … Read more

What Is The Difference Between Subdivision Surface And Multiresolution Modifiers?

In Blender, we have a host of modifiers that we can use to create our 3D models using procedural, nondestructive workflows. Some of these modifiers may be similar in terms of the effect that they can have on your model or at least share certain characteristics. Both the subdivision surface modifier and the multiresolution modifier … Read more

What Does The Mark Crease Option Do To Our Geometry?

When modeling 3D objects and scenes you will find many tools available to you, all in different places and menus across the Blender interface. Each of these has a specific purpose and for some, it is easy to know that purpose just by reading the name of the tool. But other tools, like the mark … Read more

How To Keep Sharp Edges When Using The Subdivision Surface Modifier?

When using the normal subdivide tool we are able to add geometry across our model in a uniform manner without changing the shape of the model at all. However, when the subdivision surface modifier is in use our model deforms into a more spherical, curved shape, even in areas where the model needs to remain … Read more

Troubleshooting Problems With The Subdivision Surface Modifier

It is one of, if not the, most common modifiers that we are likely to use in 3D modeling when using Blender 3D. The subdivision surface modifier has become a crucial part of many artists’ workflows and is the fastest way to add a lot of geometry to your model. The Subdivision Surface Modifier can … Read more