Why Is The Bevel Modifier Not Working In Blender?

3D modeling often requires using specific tools you are likely to find across many applications. One such tool is the ability to bevel hard edges to create the effect of natural smoothness across an object. So when the bevel does not work we need to immediately enquire about the cause of the issue and how … Read more

How To Change Your Geometry Shape Using Editing Tools Through Geometry Nodes?

When the concept of geometry nodes was first introduced the idea was to be able to create objects procedurally that could be edited at any point in the process. Fast forward to 2022 and Blender is closer than ever to achieving that goal with the use of various nodes like mesh nodes and utilities. In … Read more

Using Smooth Shading And The Autosmooth Tool

Geometry is constructed using three types, which are the building blocks for all mesh-based models. These three types of geometry are vertices, edges, and faces. An issue that beginners may face is the fact that you can see all these individual pieces on your model, so it looks blocky and flat. When light bounces of … Read more

What Is The Main Purpose Of The Mark Sharp Tool And How Does It Work?

In modeling, you work with objects of various shapes and sizes. Some of these objects have sharp edges while others have more curved, organic structures. With 3D modeling, we can assign values to our geometry that controls how the geometry is affected by certain tools. Like the mark sharp tool for instance. The mark sharp … Read more