What Are The Shortcuts For 3D Animation?

Blender can be used for almost any 3D-related task, from concept design to 3D printing. One of its most popular use cases though is for creating 3D animation, as in addition to its modeling toolset, it also has a suite of tools used for animation as well. And these tools have their own keyboard shortcuts … Read more

How To Add An Image Sequence As A Plane Object?

If you are creating an animation where you have a monitor or TV within that animation, then it might be cool or even necessary to have something playing on that monitor. In other words, an animation within an animation. But this is much easier than you may at first think. To add an image sequence … Read more

Is Blender A Good Option For 3D Animation?

The process of creating an animation is to first determine your story and purpose, then decide the core technical format of the animation (frame rate, resolution). And then you begin creating the assets for your animation before eventually moving on to the stage of actually rigging the models and creating the animations. Then when everything … Read more