How To Use The Shrinkwrap Modifier For Retopology?

When creating objects for video games, the traditional process involves creating high poly models for our designs first before creating a low poly version using a form of retopology and then using the baking tools to map those high poly details onto the low poly version of the model. One of the fastest methods of … Read more

What Is The Process Of Retopology In 3D Modeling?

Sometimes when creating our 3D models, we need to sacrifice our topology for the incredible detail that we are searching for. This is true when creating high poly characters using workflows such as sculpting, and modifies like subdivision surface to increase the overall geometry. Retopology is the process of reducing the total geometry density of … Read more

How To Retopologize Your Model The Fast Way?

We create 3D models for various purposes, from asset creation for video games to 3D printing. Whenever we design 3D models for use outside of Blender we need to ensure that the topology is suitable for the task. Therefore on some models, we need to think about doing some retopology. The fastest method for retopology … Read more