How Do I Animate Text In Blender 3D?

Just about anything that has a changeable value can be animated in Blender 3D, going far beyond just animating 3D objects. You can animate material properties like the base color and roughness values, and you can even animate text objects in the 3D viewport in various ways. You can animate the properties of 3D text … Read more

Joining Vertices To Edges And Creating New Vertices On Your Model

Creating models in Application Such as Blender requires you to be able to control the geometry and topology of your model so that you can reshape the model however you see fit. This involves knowing what the three forms of geometry are and how they behave with each other. To join a vertex to an … Read more

How Do I Get Rid Of Dark Spots On My Texture?

So let’s set the scene. You are just applying your texture to your model, having successfully created your UV map. You connect the texture to the material and check in the material preview to see if it has been applied correctly. It all seems fine until you see some random dark spots on the model. … Read more

How To Clean Your Objects Geometry After Using A Boolean?

With the many different tools at an artist’s disposal, there are also many different ways to go about solving a problem or creating an object. The boolean tool is powerful in that you can create custom shapes very quickly. However, this workflow presents the challenge of creating a poor topology. The best way to ensure … Read more