A Complete Guide To Using The Boolean Modifier In Blender

One of the most valuable learning tools that you are going to be able to use in Blender is the Bullion’s Hall or Boolean modifier, which has the ability to use one object to cut a custom shape into another. The Boolean modifier can be used to create a new object from existing objects in … Read more

Which Is Better Between Maya And Blender?

It is one of the most commonly enquired comparisons in the field of creative applications, between two of the most frequently used software platforms, especially for tasks linked to 3D design. Which truly is the best 3D modeling software, is it Blender, or is it, Maya? Blender is the better option for beginners to the … Read more

Why Does The Boolean Modifier Not Fill In The Holes?

The boolean modifier is a tool that is often used to create custom shapes in seconds that may otherwise take minutes or longer using other tools, and there are different ways to which you can apply your Boolean. What if though you wanted the use the Boolean to cut holes into your mesh, but instead … Read more