Is Blender Better Than Premiere Pro

When using an application like Blender, you are a witch before my wide variety of tasks ranging from 3D modeling to animation to video editing. That last one is one of the more obscure Tool sets hidden away in Blender, but it does allow you to use a fully functioning video editor. But is this video editor as good as some alternative options you may be better aware of, such as Adobe Premiere Pro?

When comparing blender to Adobe premiere pro, the winner for video editing content will always be Adobe Premiere Pro. This is because it is specialized software that is entirely focused on the video editing workflow and not only allows for the same basic features that Blender does but also more advanced ones.

While you can undoubtedly use blenders video sequence editor as a means for editing your video content to a basic level, if you want to use an application for more professional grade projects, then you will want to use specialized applications, like premiere pro over a 3D modeling software package like Blender.

Can I Edit Videos In Blender?

First of all, it is important not to interpret this as anything That can suggest that blender is not good at editing videos because it is.

Blender houses a fully featured video sequence editor that allows you to import, edit and export video content of many different file types and resolutions.

All the essential functions you would expect from my video editing software are in the video sequence editor.

Using the video editing workspace, you have direct access to the file browser, which allows you to locate, drag and drop video clips into your timeline.

You can then add various elements to act as overlays, ranging from images to backgrounds to sound effects to text.

If you want to perform basic color correction with your video content, Blender also allows that in the form of modifiers that can be accessed when selecting a movie strip and right-clicking.

Then when you are finally ready to export Your content. You can render it in whatever file format you want with whatever resolution you want; in the same manner, you would render a 3D animation from the viewport.

So if your question is whether or not blender can be used as a video editing software, the answer is absolutely, and for personal tasks, It is a free alternative that will suit you just fine. When we compare it to the more specialized applications like Premiere Pro, things start to look less rosy.

Why Is Premiere Pro Better Than Blender For Video Editing?

There are several reasons why you would want to choose Adobe Premier Pro over Blender as your choice of video editing software. The first and perhaps most obvious reason is that Blender is not actually a video editing application. It just has video editing features.

Nearly everyone introduced to the blender software is introduced to it as a 3D modeling and animation suite that allows you to create objects and scenes in the viewport. And render those scenes or animate them for personal or professional projects.

Not everybody who uses Blender realizes that it has a video sequence editor that allows you to import, edit and export video content.

On the other hand, Adobe Premier Pro has always been known as an industry standard form of video editing software. Anyone who knows about Adobe Premiere Pro also knows what it is used for.

So why is this important? Well, whenever Adobe Premiere Pro is updated, it will be updated for video editing. However, when it comes to Blenders updates, even though they are relatively frequent. They will not often be focused on the video editing side of the application as this has far less priority than some of the other areas of the software.

Start blender is not specialized software for video editing. It also identifies another reason why Premiere Pro is a better choice, and that is for User experience.

The blender UI is built from the ground up for the traditional 3D modeling workflow. When we use Blender for video editing, it can be a little more challenging to understand where everything is.

Also, the video editor in Blender tries to store everything on a single page or screen. This has the advantage of having everything right in front of you, but it also highlights the fact that there aren’t that many features for Blender regarding video editing.

By contrast, Premiere pro has built its entire user experience around the traditional process of video editing, from importing your video files to basic cuts, to complete editing of the image sequence, to audio, to color correction, and then to exporting the finished article.

It is easy to identify and run through the entire video editing process with premiere pro. If I wanted to perform color correction with blender as an example, I would need to know that to perform basic colour correction, I would have to select my image strip and then right Click to bring up the context menu where I can find the color correction modifies.

To sum it up in a single sentence, Adobe Premiere Pro’s user interface is more intuitive than blenders for video editing.

The One Advantage That Blender Has?

It is not all doom and gloom for Blender fans when it comes to this comparison with Premiere Pro, as Blender does have one very important advantage that is particularly useful for those who are not going to use the software for high-level production. And that is the price.

Adobe premiere pro costs approximately $20 a month by itself or up to $60.00 a month as part of the Adobe Creative Suite.

By contrast, the entirety of the Blender software is free to download, install and begin using, and this includes all of the functionality of the video sequence editor.

So if you cannot pay for the subscription costs of an application like Adobe Premier Pro, Blender is a very good alternative for basic projects.

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