Creating A Hologram Material In The Eevee Render Engine

The ability to create realistic materials using the Eevee render engine is a little more challenging than in the Cycles engine, considering Eevee is primarily built for speed. A very popular material to learn that is also a great exercise is to create a hologram material, which applies several key material attributes, like emission and … Read more

What Does Clearcoat Mean In Blender Materials?

When you start creating a material in the node editor, the default setup will give you the principled BSDF node as your primary shader. This shader has a lot of attributes associated with it, like the base color of the material. Some of these attributes are not used as often though, such as the clearcoat. … Read more

What Does Sheen Mean When Working With Blender Materials?

Most materials that you create in Blender will use the Principled BSDF shader as the base for that material tree, thanks to the many individual attributes that can be manipulated through this node. One of the lesser-used attributes is the sheen attribute. Sheen is a reflective property that controls how reflective the fresnel of the … Read more