Do I Need A Powerful PC To Use Blender?

Blender 3D is an application that can be run on almost any device that has the correct operating system and enough storage space for the software. But the variety of tasks that can be completed in Blender asks the question of whether we can complete any task within Blender regardless of the device we are … Read more

What Is The Best Setup For Using Blender?

Different applications require different specifications of computers to get optimal performance from those applications. Blender is a 3D modeling application that allows you to perform sculpting, animation, and video editing tasks. So what type of PC is best suited for using Blender 3D? The following is our list of specifications for the perfect PC for … Read more

Will Blender 3D Cause Harm To Your PC?

Because Blender 3D is a free, open-source application to download, some believe that it could potentially be a virus or install various forms of malware onto your device when you download it. After all, it sounds too good to be true for such a strong 3D application to be available for free with no drawbacks … Read more