Will Blender 3D Cause Harm To Your PC?

Because Blender 3D is a free, open-source application to download, some believe that it could potentially be a virus or install various forms of malware onto your device when you download it. After all, it sounds too good to be true for such a strong 3D application to be available for free with no drawbacks to speak of.

If you download Blender 3D directly from the blender.org website, you will not have to worry about Blender causing any harm to your PC. It is a fully legitimate and entirely usable 3D modeling application, and no viruses or forms of malware are attached to it.

There are reasons why people believe Blender can harm your PC, most notably because it is so easily accessible, but also because anyone could take Blender and remodel it into their design. However, if you download Blender from the correct sources, this is something that you will never have to worry about.

Is It Safe To Use A Program Like Blender 3D?

Blender is a legitimate 3D modeling application that can also be used for 3D animation, sculpting materials, texturing, image editing, and video editing. It is 100% safe to download, install and use this software, provided it is from a verified source.

The best place to download Blender 3D from is the blender.org website, where you can press the blue button on the homepage to take you to the download setup page, where you will be able to download the latest stable release of the blender software.

Where Else Can I Download The Blender Software Safely?

While we 100% recommend that you always download blender from the main website, there are other locations where you can download the modeling software. A few of these are verified by the Blender Foundation itself and can be accessed by going to the download menu and then clicking on the drop-down menu to define how you wish to install blender.

For example, if you were looking to download the Windows version of Blender, then you could download the installer from the blender websites and the blender from the Windows Store. You can either go to the Windows Store directly or use the link from the drop-down menu of the Blender website.

Download Blender Sources

Another location where you can easily download Blender is the Steam store. Again, you can either go to the steam application itself and search for blender, or you can access the download page using the link in the drop-down menu.

If you are using a Linux device, Blender has also been made available from the snap store. Once again, you can access this directly using the link from the Blender download page.

What About Downloading From Other Sources?

Blender falls under the GNU general public license. This means that the Blender foundation must develop and distribute the Blender software for free to the global community. The software is protected from being sold as an asset in any form.

In other words, Blender 3D acts as a form of open source software, where not only is the actual application available to the global community for free, but so is its source code, and is protected from ever being sold for any financial value.

Why is this important as to whether or not Blender is safe software to download? Well, if you are willing to download the source code of Blender, then you will be able to edit that source code to make blender fit your purposes, and then you will be able once again to distribute that form of blender on your website.

No matter how much of it has changed, your edited version would also fall under the general public license, meaning that this additive software could not be sold. However, that does not mean there is always the potential for malware or a form of the virus to be installed onto these versions of Blender created by community members, however unlikely that may be.

In most cases, there will be nothing to worry about, but always be vigilant if you download Blender from an unaffiliated site.

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