Can You Import CAD Models Into Blender?

Blender allows you to create any model you can think of with its seemingly limitless tools and features, but a good application should work with external files as well as it does with internal ones. For example, you may have created an object using CAD software and wish to import that model into Blender for material application or to position it into a scene. But does Blender allow this?

You can use several file formats that Blender is compatible with to import models created using CAD software. For CAD models, you can use the AutoCAD addon in Blender to import DXF files. For full 3D models, you can export them from your software as an STL file and then import that object into Blender.

While Blender is a singular application developed by the Blender foundation, that does not mean it cannot be used with other applications. And even where it cannot integrate with other apps directly, you can use proprietary formats like OBJ and DXF to transfer different file types for use in the Blender software.

What Are The Various CAD Formats?

You would be surprised at how many CAD formats there are in circulation, as there are so many CAD-based applications now that introduce their own CAD file formats.

There are so many of these CAD-based formats, which contain all the information required for a CAD model, that we won’t list them all here. Instead, use this link to view the various CAD formats that are currently used.

You will find from this list that these options are all proprietary file formats. This means these file formats are created specifically for use in their own applications, as they are controlled by company of the software that the file format is attributed to.

For example, when using SolidWorks for your CAD projects, you will save the project using the .sldprt file format.

Blender has its own proprietary file format, known as the .blend file. Whenever you begin a new project in Blender and save that project, you will be saving it in this file format. However, you cannot use a dot blend file in any other software application.

The same can be said about other proprietary file formats of other software such as AutoCAD, TINKERCAD, and SolidWorks.

What File Formats Can Blender Use?

To allow different applications to use files that were created in other software. File extensions are often used so those projects can be exported from one application and imported into the next while maintaining as much crucial information as possible.

There are many different file formats that are compatible with Blender Fredi that allow you to import 3D models into the programme. However, not all of these file formats are suitable for models created in CAD based applications. For example, an FBX format is primarily used for animated objects or those used in game design but is not suitable for a CAD-based object.

There are a few file formats that you can make Blender compatible with by enabling specific add-ons to allow you to import those projects.

For example, you can use the import AutoCAD add-on to import DXF files into Blender. However, the easiest way to import your models into Blender 3D is to use the STL file format.

This is the format that Blender itself recommends for importing and exporting projects for with CAD software. It is also one of the recommended choices if you are creating objects for the purpose of 3D printing.

Blender can also import other file types like the OBJ file format. However, you have to ensure that the file format you select is able to store all of the information achieve required.

Because of this, the STL format is the best universal choice while if you can you should consider importing objects by using add-ons that allow you to directly import using proprietary file formats.

How Do I Transfer A Model From CAD Software To Blender?

Since the goal here is to demonstrate how to transfer your models from your CAD applications to Blender, we will cover examples of this process using different CAD applications.

Autodesk Inventor

Inventor is an increasingly popular application for creating CAD based 3D models. To export your 3D model, go to the file menu and select export.

For many options that will then be listed, choose the export CAD Format. A save as menu will open up, allowing you to define which file format she wants to use for your exports. There are many options to choose from here, but the three suitable for blender will be the OBJ, STEP, and STL file formats.

You would then have access to an options menu that you can use to change some of the parameters of the export notes these parameters will change based on the file format you selected.

Once you have altered your settings, click the save option to export your model in that file format. Then go into blender and import that model into your project by going to file, then import and then locate the actual file within the browser.

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