Where Can I Learn Blender For Free?

If you choose Blender as your 3D modeling software of choice, then one of the key reasons you choose Blender is because it is completely free. If the price is the primary reason for using Blender, then you are also likely to want to learn Blender for free. Or at least as cheaply as possible.

Youtube is the best place to watch free tutorial content on any Blender-related topic. There are hundreds of Blender educators on the platform and tens of thousands of videos teaching the software. For additional free resources, you can look for blog sites like Blender website to cover anything you cannot find on Youtube.

There are many additional resources for learning Blender 3D, and it arguably has one of the largest learning libraries of any 3D modeling application or any single application period.

The Best Way To Learn Blender For Free?

When it comes to learning a skill such as 3D modeling, the best learning methods will always be visual. So the best way to learn about Blender is to watch others use the software in the form of tutorials.

So what is the single best resource for educational video content and tutorials teaching the Blender software? The answer will come as no surprise, Youtube.

You probably already realize this, but Youtube is far more than a place where you can watch people do silly stuff or the latest cat videos that have gone viral.

Blender On Youtube

Almost anything can be uploaded to Youtube and made available for the global community to view so long that it follows Youtube community guidelines.

That means many YouTubers will upload helpful tutorial content on their specialized subject and topic area.

Type in Blender tutorial in the Youtube search bar, and you will have an impossibly long selection of videos to choose from, although the most popular will often be shown at the top.

This allows us to be far more specific in our search terms. For example, if you want to look up why your texture is not showing up on your 3D model, you can be as specific as you want with your search query, and you will still get multiple results in the search.

Are There Any Free Blender Courses?

In addition to the seemingly limitless number of youtube tutorials, there is also a wide range of online courses that allow you to learn at a more controlled pace.

Udemy Homepage

Many of these courses are going to be available for a modest amount of money. On Udemy, you can wait until a deal period comes around, and you can pick up courses for $10-$15 each.

Skillshare offers an even better deal where we can access a library of over 700 Blender-related courses by signing up for a recurring subscription worth $13 a month

Skillshare Blender Search

This means that learning Blender is inexpensive even if you invest in actual courses rather than one-off Youtube videos.

However, some users of Blender may not be willing even to spend these amounts for Blender courses and would rather look to access free course options instead.

On Udemy, free blender courses will be available for you to enroll in and learn from. Note that a key rule on the platform is that free courses can only last for a maximum of two hours in running time. So expect the courses to be relatively basic in what they teach.

Skillshare also offers the ability to try free courses, as, on that platform, the courses are split between the free and premium categories, with premium classes joining the subscription library.

There are other platforms, like CG circuit, where you can find both free and paid content. But an important thing to note is that it is a common strategy for instructors to offer mini versions of their course for free, and then you need to pay to access the full course.

Other Ways To Learn Blender For Free

While video content is the ideal medium for learning a visual skillset like 3D modeling, the best method for learning Blender is to diversify the types of information you are learning from.

The Blender foundation makes available the Blender manuals, a site that operates as an online manual for all of the tools in Blender 3D.

The Blender manual allows searching any tools you want, including nodes, and you can get information on the tool’s purpose and any associated parameters.

Blender Manual

There are also a few blog-based websites that will cover various aspects of Blender in more detail. If you are looking for a quick answer to a query that would otherwise require you to watch two minutes of unimportant video content to reach, then a query blog can provide the answer in seconds.

For example, your query is how to remove overlapping geometry. You could watch a Youtube tutorial showing you how to access the merge many for removing doubles that take three minutes.

Or you can search for the query on google and find a blog article that gives you the answer as soon as you load the page.

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