Blender Tutorial – Creating Rain Effect With Motion Blur

As you become more confident with Blender, you are likely to progress beyond the simple primitive scenes with flat lighting and materials but are unsure how to progress your renders to the next level. For example, you may want to create a project involving rain application as a weather effect. To create rain in Blender, … Read more

What Does Index Of Refraction Mean In Blender?

Creating material is more complicated than it sounds, as there are a lot of attributes that make a material both look and feel in the real world. Some attributes are exclusive to certain types of materials, like sheen for instance, but there are some that apply to every material like the index of refraction, roughness, … Read more

What Is The Index Of Refraction (IOR) Of Glass?

Materials have a variety of properties to influence how the material is going to respond when hit by a source of light. These properties can include diffusing, refraction, and subsurface scattering depending on the material. A common question is finding the specific IOR value with a material like glass. The index of refraction for glass … Read more