Is It Possible To Learn Blender In Two Days?

First of all, you cannot become a master of the Blender in two days. You won’t be able to master Blender in two years since there is just so much to learn. But learning software is not the same as mastering it, so how can we learn to use the Blender software in two days?

In two days, it is possible to learn how to use Blender to complete a typical 3D modeling process, starting with creating the model, applying textures and materials, setting up the scene with a camera and lighting, and finally rendering an image of the scene.

The more time you have available, the more you will be able to learn in two days. But while this is enough time to learn the concepts of 3D modeling in Blender, it will take far longer to get good at them.

Why Would You Need To Learn Blender In Two Days?

It is a more common question than you might think, how quickly can I learn X in X amount of time? Blender is a large 3D modeling application with more tools and features than you are ever likely to use or even realize exists.

So becoming a master in two days from scratch is not even a consideration, as it will take years for you to truly learn all of the intricacies, tools, and workflows that are associated with the software.

The first question is why you want to learn Blender in two days, and the second is to what level you want to understand Blender in that time.

Everyone’s reason for learning Blender is going to be unique. It may have been something you wanted to learn forever, but you only now have the time to start learning, which is two days.

You may have a few days off before you go back to work and want to learn something new and wish to be productive with your time.

Work itself could be the reason as you have a limited amount of time to make a deadline, and one of the requirements of your project is to create a 3D design, which can be done using Blender.

Or maybe you are transitioning from another application to Blender and need to learn the new software as quickly as possible.

There will always be a fixed reason as to why you need to learn Blender in 2 days, but how much you can learn depends on you.

How Much Of Blender Do You Need To Learn?

You cant master a tool like Blender in only two days, and no matter how much time you have over that two-day stint, you will barely scratch the service of what you can do with the software.

If you need to learn the basic concepts of a specific workflow but don’t need to become an expert, two days will likely be enough time to get your foot in the door.

Learning Blender can be divided up into smaller elements of the software, ranging from navigation to modeling, materials to animation, and sculpting to video editing.

If you are planning to use Blender for 3D modeling, and need to learn the tools for that workflow, then you don’t need to learn any content relating to video editing.

How Much Time Do You Have To Learn Blender?

So, how much time do you have to start learning the Blender software over those two days?

If you only have 30 minutes each day to learn the software, then you do not leave much scope for learning its features.

Ideally, we need approximately four hours to go through the beginner phase of learning our new skillset, which is to use Blender in this case.

That means that we need to dedicate two hours for each of our two days, which for most of us is very doable.

An hour over two days is enough to learn the absolute basics of the software, and there are courses on Blender than can get you started in using the software in an hour or less.

Of course, having such a small window means that you don’t leave yourself time to practice the skills that you learned in that one-hour course.

This is important because when learning a new skill set, we need to spend most of our time practicing those skills, and one hour over two days is only really enough for a research phase of watching tutorials, reading blog posts, etc.

You can get a lot done in two days if you have two hours a day. We would still recommend taking that hour-long course, but you then have those extra three hours to practice everything you learned.

If you are looking for a course that meets the criteria of getting you started in 3D modeling with Blender, check out this course from southern shorty on skillshare.

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