Is SketchUp CAD Software?

If you have attempted to use Blender 3D as a CAD-based application, you may have found that creating models using CAD workflows is exceedingly more challenging than using creative workflows in Blender. A popular alternative to using Blender for CAD workflows is to use an application known as SketchUp, which is an affordable solution with incredible tools and features.

SketchUp is a form of CAD (Computer Aided Design) software primarily used to create 3D models in 2D space, similar to Blender. However, the workflow used to create models differs from Blender as SketchUp prioritizes accurate models for use in 3D printing, architectural design and manufacturing.

If you want to use a 3D modeling tool but don’t want to pay professional-level fees for CAD modeling, then SketchUp is a near-perfect choice due to its affordability, accessibility, and ease of use which makes it open of the most popular modeling applications available. It also remains a great alternative for those who don’t want to learn Blender.

Why Use SketchUp Instead Of Blender?

You may have noticed that this is a website focused on blender rather than SketchUp, so we need to make a simple comparison between the two applications.

Blender is primarily used as a creative application for 3D artists, allowing them to create concepts of single objects, characters, and even entire scenes within the blender platform.

This also allows artists to not only create the 3D models but also to create realistic materials and textures as well as apply realistic lighting to those scenes.

It does not always have to be focused around realism, however, as you can adopt many different art styles using the blender software.

So how does SketchUp compare to an application like Blender? Well, Blender is typically considered an artistic application. SketchUp is referred to as a type of CAD software. CAD is short for computer-aided design and is used to categorize 3D modeling applications that focus on precision instead of creativity.

That’s not to say you can’t be creative with an application like SketchUp when creating your models. It just means that the focus of the tools available to you prioritizes more precise workflows where you’re trying to meet certain specifications for your designs.

While other forms of CAD software can prioritize 2D technical drawings or the creation of complex 3D models, SketchUp is more commonly used to conceptualize entire scenes.

We will want to use SketchUp instead of Blender if we are looking to design models for real-world applications.

For example, SketchUp is commonly used to create concept art for an entire area, such as a stadium or a manufacturing plant.

It permits you as the user the tools and features necessary to design entire environments with impressive levels of precision.

Blender is capable of generating an environment much as SketchUp can; however, the workflow required is very different.

In Blender, we will create our environments for use in digital scenarios such as animation and game design. At the same time, SketchUp allows us to create our environments as forms of concepts for 3D printing or for construction and architecture.

Are All CAD Applications The Design

There are dozens of different applications that all fall under the bracket of being CAD based software. However, not all forms of CAD software are the same or used for the same purpose.

For example, two of the most popular forms of CAD software are SketchUp and AutoCAD. While they do have similarities, there are also key differences such as their target audience.

SketchUp is primarily used as a 3D modeling application that allows you to create and conceptualize environments, as we have previously stated. AutoCAD, however, is very different in its approach and focuses on creating 2D technical drawings.

AutoCAD not only allows you to create extremely complex 2-dimensional designs, but it also allows you to go further than simply designing parts. You could also design entire mechanical systems using AutoCAD, something that is very difficult to do with SketchUp.

Therefore you can argue that SketchUp is used for architects and those working in the construction field.

AutoCAD, on the other hand, is primarily used by engineers looking to create complex mechanical systems and parts.

Does Blender Compare With Applications Like SketchUp?

Because there are so many different CAD applications out there, all of them are going to be unique in some way.

Blender is not considered to be CAD software as it is an artistic application for digital projects, whereas CAD applications are mainly used for physical projects.

When you compare Blender with an application such as AutoCAD, they couldn’t be more different regarding their approach and what they are used for.

However, Blender and SketchUp actually do have plenty of similarities in terms of their use of a 3D viewport and their ability to create entire environments within a single program.

For the most part, though, these are just surface-level comparisons, and every application will have a specific use case and target audience.

While Blender could be used as a replacement for SketchUp and vice versa, we must remember that they are used for different purposes.

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