How Do I Access The Blender Cloud?

Blender 3D has a reputation of being one of the most accessible applications because it is both free to use but also has a lot of learning resources to go along with it that can help you to become a 3D artist.

But while most artists will go to YouTube and websites like this one for their learning material Blender has its own resource library known as the Blender cloud. It also has its resources for education in the form of the blender studio.

To access the blender cloud, just type in this will take you to a sub-domain of the blender website, which will allow you to access the blender cloud to access many of the resources in the cloud; you will need to register basic details, including your name and e-mail address as well as pay a monthly subscription to access all its features.

By using the Blender cloud, you can not only access numerous learning resources, but you can also access other resources that help with the modeling process, such as full 3D models and a wide range of PBR materials, all supplied by the Blender foundation.

What Is The Blender Cloud?

The Blender cloud is a full service provided by the developers from the blender foundation that can help artists to complete projects using the blender software it is a web-based service that can be accessed via the main blender websites.

The easiest way to access the Blender cloud is just to type in because the blender cloud acts as a subdomain of the main blender websites From the main page of the Blender cloud you have access to several different resources.

Alternatively, you can do a google search for the blender cloud, as the site may redirect you to the Blender studio instead.

The resources in question can include full training for the various aspects of the blender software resources that can help to improve your workflows in Blender projects, such as PBR materials and additional services in the form of add-ons that can help to link the Blender cloud to your instance of the Blender software.

The Difference Between The Blender Cloud And Blender Studio

When you access the training from the Blender cloud or even click on the Blender cloud logo in the top corner of the web page, you will be taken to

So what is the difference between the Blender cloud and the Blender studio? The answer is nothing. The Blender studio is simply a part of the Blender cloud service.

More specifically, it is the aspect of the Blender cloud that provides training resources for new 3D artists. When working with the Blender studio, we can access various forms of training such as full courses, production lessons, and documentation on the various aspects of modeling in Blender.

Blender Studio Training

Within the Blender studio, we also have access to numerous blog articles that can act as additional educational content when learning about the software.

There is even documentation on specific pipelines and workflows, including the rigging of character models there is a lot of value that can be accessed within the Blender studio.

Accessing The Libraries

Another cool aspect of using the blender cloud is accessing the library resource, which allows you to download and use various project assets.

The types of assets that you can attain from the blender cloud library include HDRi images is to add lighting to your environments, PBR textures with all of the relevant map types associated with them, and even full-on production quality character models that you can download and begin editing for your purposes.

Cloud Character Files

The ability to access PBR materials is probably the strongest point of the blender cloud library. However, it is a little bit more limited than other material libraries you may find on the Internet, such as Poliigon and

What Are The Services?

Finally, we have the services of the Blender cloud, which comes in the form of a couple of add-ons plus some more advanced features. A key service of the Blender cloud is to provide the blender cloud add which allows you to integrate your instance of Blender with the cloud service.

By installing the blender cloud add on, we can streamline our workflow, especially if we are working in a production environment as a part of a team.

Blender Cloud Services

For example, by installing the blender cloud add on, we can gain direct access from our blender project to the Blender cloud libraries, allowing us to download, install, and begin using any textures or HDRi from the Blender library without having to leave our project.

Another ability of this add-on is to sync your Blender configuration across multiple devices this allows you to save the settings once and then use those settings for your blender projects on the go.

For example, you can save your configuration and settings on your main desktop at home and then use those same settings through the blender cloud when taking a laptop out and about

You can use the image-sharing service to upload any rendered images directly to the Blender cloud and share your work with the global Blender community.

Two newer features of the blender cloud are Attract and Flamenco, which are services that can help to improve your workflows when using Blender, especially if you are using the software for commercial purposes and production.

You can create and organize all of your projects either privately or share them with team members by using these platforms.

You Have To Pay To Access The Cloud

One of the strongest selling points of the Blender software is that it is not sold at all. Blender 3D is free to download and begin using without any registration or fees required.

However, this is not the case for the Blender cloud or the Blender studio. This is a service that the Blender Foundation provides, and as such, to maintain the service, it is required that we pay a subscription fee to use it because Blender is part of a nonprofit organization.

In the Blender Foundation, our subscription will go 100% towards the continued development of the blender software and Blender cloud, so we know exactly where that money is going.

But it is important to remember that the Blender cloud is an additional optional service, and you are welcome to use the Blender software without ever accessing it.

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